Canada and World Full Headlines for August 23

Published on August 24, 2020 by

On this episode of Global National: As Canada’s Conservatives elect a new leader, it also marks the end of an era for Andrew Scheer, at the helm of the party. It will also mark a shift for CPC leadership, away from Western Canada to the East. Eric Sorensen looks back at Scheer’s surprising rise to the Tories’ top job and his legacy as leader.

Also, protesters are already gathering at the site of the U.S. Republican National Convention, where President Donald Trump is set to accept his nomination for the upcoming presidential election. As Jennifer Johnson reports, Trump is once again mired in controversy – this time, involving his sister.

Plus, climate change is continuing to impact the Canadian landscape, as glaciers continue to shrink due to the effects of rising surface temperatures. Jordan Armstrong explains why that will also lead to major problems for Alberta’s drinking water supply and the vulnerable communities that need it.

And these days, the oceans still offer plenty of surprises for even the most experienced sailors. That was certainly the case for one fishing boat in Newfoundland and Labrador that netted a sea creature so strange, even the oldest hands onboard were mystified. Ross Lord explains the origins of the curious catch.

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