Boris Johnson says he ‘still has his mojo’ and promises dynamic recovery in party conference speech

Published on October 6, 2020 by

Boris Johnson has promised to use the pandemic as a “trigger” for change, including turning “Generation Rent into Generation Buy” as he looks to fix the housing crisis with lower thresholds to mortgages.

The Prime Minister told the Conservative party conference the country has been “through too much hardship… to go back to how things were before the plague”, saying these kind of major events are “a time to learn and improve on the time that went before.”

In an optimistic and forward-looking speech that ended with a utopian vision of the future, Mr Johnson promised to introduce 95 per cent mortgages with long fixed terms to help young people get on the housing ladder. He also pledged one-to-one teaching for students who have fallen behind or those who show particular talent.

As trailed overnight, he also said offshore wind power would be powering every home in the country within 10 years.

“That is a Britain we can build – with due respect to everywhere else, the greatest place on Earth,” he said. “I know it seems tough now… but I believe it is a measure of the greatness of this country that we will not let it hold us back or slow us down.

“Even in the darkest moments we can see a bright future ahead.”

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