Boris Johnson: Government cannot say when lockdown eased

Published on April 27, 2020 by

The UK is at the moment of maximum risk in the coronavirus outbreak, Boris Johnson has said as he urged people not to lose patience with the lockdown.

Speaking outside No 10 for the first time since recovering from the virus, Mr Johnson said he knew “how hard and how stressful” the lockdown had been for many people.

But he urged people to keep going “in the way you have kept going so far”.

The prime minister returned to Downing Street on Sunday evening.

Mr Johnson was diagnosed with the virus a month ago. He was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital in central London on 5 April and spent a week there, including three nights in intensive care.

He has not been doing any official government work during his convalescence at his country residence, Chequers, although last week he did speak to the Queen and US President Donald Trump, as well as meeting senior ministers.

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