Between Israel and Gaza

Published on June 11, 2020 by

Little Muhi was born in Gaza. Severely disabled, his sole opportunity to improve his quality of life is treatment in an Israeli hospital. Only his grandfather Abu Naim is allowed to accompany him there.

Muhi grew up in the clinic with artificial arms and legs, in a circle of loving caregivers. But he cannot go home. A return to Gaza would be a death sentence because of the desolate state of health care there – but he and his grandfather are only permitted to leave the Israeli hospital under strict conditions.

Weeks turn into months, months turn into years. Muhi, seven years old in 2017, has spent his entire life in this hospital. He grew up in paradoxical circumstances – saved, treated and raised by a country his people regard as an enemy, while his real family lives in Gaza. If he goes to school in the summer, will he be able to continue living in the hospital with Abu Naim? It’s a dilemma for everyone involved that requires a difficult decision: Will Muhi grow up in Israel without his family or return to Gaza and risk his life?
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