Australia is ‘finding out how vulnerable we are to the world trade system’

Published on April 8, 2020 by

Australia is finding out just how vulnerable it is to the world trade system, Sky News Political Reporter Tom Connell says.

Global supply lines across the globe have taken a major hit as COVID-19 forces the closure of the world’s borders.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Wednesday stressed parliament would fight for the nation’s economic sovereignty.

Mr Connell said the ramped-up rhetoric from Mr Morrison could have “implications down the track”.

“Right now, for example, it means not allowing other companies to swoop in and buy businesses in Australia when they’re struggling,” he said.

“But what will that mean down the track and also for our supply lines? We’re finding out how vulnerable we are to this world trade system we were so enamored with.

“We had masks at one stage that were on their way to Australia shipped off to somewhere else.

“Yes we’re not expecting another coronavirus crisis anytime soon but what about what happens in the South China Sea?

“What does happen when these supply lines are not so smooth?”

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