6 JUNE 1944: The Light Of Dawn – Colorized

Published on June 12, 2020 by

The Light of Dawn tells the story of Operation Overlord. It traces one of the largest military operations that man has ever conceived from the summer of 1941 – the date on which Churchill and Roosevelt first addressed the question – until June 6, 1944. He will tell of Hitler’s strategy for the prevent and thwart it. The film proposes to relate this crucial turning point of the Second World War from the geopolitical (the difficult alliance between London, Moscow and Washington), military-industrial (how industries had to meet the needs of strategists) and anonymous fighters ( young soldiers who are attacking the Atlantic Wall and who will pay a heavy price).

The landing will be told here in the style of a drama with its intrigue, its dramatic effects and what motivates and triggers them: skill, cynicism, bluff, hatred but also esteem and friendship which will reflect the great chess game where the fate of the World is played out.

Entirely written with remastered and colorized archive images, this 2 x 45 min and 90 min film will be released as part of the 70th anniversary of the landing in June 2014.

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