Thousands protest deportation of aid-workers and their children in Tel Aviv

Published on August 7, 2019 by

Some three thousand protesters gathered at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art on Tuesday to oppose the planned deportation of dozens of aid workers and their children.

Aid workers and their Israeli-born children, mainly from the Philippines, were seen holding banners reading “Don’t deport us”. The protests also saw significant support from Israelis.

“I came here today to tell the government to stop the deportation. They are children who were born here, who are Israeli, who should be here, their mothers came to this country to look after our elderly. They are children here and we cannot turn our back on them, they are Israeli,” an Israeli protester said.

Reports say that the estimated number of Filipinos currently residing in Israel is close to 30 000, many of which have given birth to children in Israel.

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