Hamas Relying on Qatari Funds in Gaza Strip

Published on November 6, 2019 by

This warning, as Middle East Monitor reports citing Hezbollah-linked Al Akhbar newspaper, came from Qatari envoy Mohammed El-Emadi.
El-Emadi reportedly told Hamas and other Gaza factions that Doha had complications with renewing the funding.
However, Hamas is said to believe that the money will keep flowing as Doha worries that a lack of funds could trigger an escalation with Israel.
The report comes after Hamas chief said Israeli Prime Minister Benny Gantz will “regret the day he was born” if he manages to build a coalition.
He also claimed that Hamas had enough missiles to keep bombing Tel Aviv for months.
The remarks apparently came as response to Gantz’s pledge to restore the deterrence against Hamas – or, in other words, to make sure the group would not dare to attack Israel.

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